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Chemical Disinfection & Biofilm Treatment

EPE Yachting provides disinfection of a yacht’s entire Freshwater System, efficiently eliminating biofilm within tanks and pipework. Our trained service engineers will come onboard your yacht, study your system, making certain that no stone will be left unturned, and perform Hydrasil Application to reduce and remove all infections. Finally, we can carry out a water analysis to certify the completion of the disinfection. 

Quality Water Testing

EPE Yachting provides analysis of a yacht’s freshwater, covering Bacterial, Mineral and Corrosion, and Physiochemical requirements. All results are studied, and a detailed report is generated, pinpointing potential problems in the system, as well as indicating the necessary corrective action that needs to be taken. This analysis can also be used to obtain a yacht’s sanitation certificate. 

Asbestos Removal

EPE with its highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art equipment offers complete and reliable solutions for the abatement of Asbestos,onshore and offshore. EPE undertakes
all the required processes of Asbestos Management down to their Final Disposal Certificate issuance.

  • Survey & Sampling
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Asbestos Removal & Disposal
  • Technical Analysis & Overview

Exhaust Gas System Cleaning

EPE provides professional inspection and cleaning of the exhaust gas piping system of all types of vessels. Our specialized equipment allows our trained and experienced technicians to perform proper cleaning of the exhaust gas ducts, by removing build ups formed by contaminants like carbon, soot and rust debris.

A periodical inspection and cleaning of the contamination inside the exhaust pipes is important to avoid the blowing of soot and debris on the deck, keep the vessel clean and extend the lifespan of the exhaust surfaces.

Galley/Hoods System Cleaning

EPE provides efficient galley hood inspection and cleaning services to eliminate fire hazards and other risks associated with grease build ups on the internal surfaces of canopies. Our specialized cleaning equipment effectively removes all types of grease and flammable residues from any galley exhaust system.

Deposition of grease and oil can cause reduction of the efficiency of filtration, as well as hygiene hazards that can lead to foul odor and pest infestation. Also, under certain circumstances, existence of flame or high temperature, the accumulated grease can be ignited, causing fire to spread rapidly through the duct. The proper and thorough cleaning of the entire exhaust duct provided by our experienced technicians according to the relevant standards, combined with regular inspections, is the best practice to prevent the risk of fire.

Grease Traps & Macerator Cleaning

A common problem that yacht owners need to tackle is blockages and sludge settlements in grease trap and macerator systems. EPE provides advanced solutions tailored to each client’s needs, either by detecting the exact location of the obstructions and perform efficient cleaning with jet machines, or through closed loop circulation of environmentally friendly chemical/biological solutions, operated under vacuum conditions. These cleaning treatments will remove scale build-up leaving the pipes completely clean. 

Grey & Black Water Drainage Cleaning

The advanced solution proposed by EPE to deal with problems associated with blockages and sludge settlement in grey and black water drains and pipes incorporates an inspection technique with a specialized cleaning method. A full detection of problematic areas is available by the use of HD cameras and scan locators, followed by the efficient cleaning of the spotted areas with environmentally friendly techniques. We provide tailor made solutions based on the client’s needs and the drainage system condition. Our service offers cleaning of the yacht’s systems with the minimum disruption and allows the systems to remain fully operational after our contribution.

HVAC Dust System Cleaning

EPE is providing a professional HVAC duct cleaning service for all types of vessels, including passenger ships, yachts and superyachts. Cleaning of air ducts and all associated parts is vital to ensure good indoor air quality and avoid health issues caused by indoor air pollutants, such as bacteria and allergens. As certified Indoor Air Cleaning Specialists, by LIFA AIR Ltd., one of the world’s leading companies specialized on indoor air quality, our services involve HVAC system inspection, cleaning and sanitation. 

Green Recycling Services

EPE has a record with hundreds of IHM surveys onboard vessels since 2006, and is an active company in marine business worldwide for more than 30 years dedicated to the protection of marine environment and human life.

EPE has established –on a constant basis- cooperation with accredited laboratories according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, and testing methods which are in line with the requirement of Appendix 9 of the MEPC.269(68) Guideline and Annex C of EMSA IHM Guidance for analysis of asbestos and other hazardous materials.

Classification Approvals

EPE has been approved by major classes for services onboard ships as Hazmat Expert Company and for Quality Assurance for identification, sampling, reporting and
preparation of Inventory of Hazardous Materials – namely DNV GL, Lloyd’s Register, ABS and Bureau Veritas. All EPE’s HazMat engineers have been trained and certified as Hazardous Materials Experts from DNV GL.

State-of-art Fuel Treatment

EPE has developed a mobile on-site fuel tank and piping system cleaning unit. The unit is designed to clean, protect and optimize marine diesel fuel stored in tanks. The unit is used either as preventative maintenance practice in order to keep the fuel clean in the tanks, or as a solution to contaminated fuel. The cleaning process involves two steps of filtration for the effective removal of several potential damaging types of fuel contamination, which may cause fuel degradation and thereby result in engine failures, such as clogged filters and unscheduled malfunctions. The system cleans out:

  • water (free and emulsified)
  • microbial growth
    – bacteria
    – fungi
    – algae
    – yeast etc.
  • solid particulates (such as soot, dirt and rust).

Further to the mechanical processing of marine fuels, the integrated solution incorporates a chemical or enzymatic treatment in the process to ensure the efficient cleaning and protection of the fuel.

Scupper Drainage System Cleaning

EPE has developed an integrated solution for the inspection and cleaning of scupper drainage systems. Clogging of scupper drainage systems is a common problem associated with yachts. EPE provides an advanced pipeline inspection with precise results, through the usage of specialized equipment. HD cameras and scan locators give us the ability to gain access to the pipework regardless of its shape and obstructions and pinpoint the exact location of blockages and build-ups. We use water jet machines and specially attached nozzles to clean the detected congested areas, without the need to dismantle pipework and disrupt vessel’s normal operation.

Sea Water Cooling System Cleaning

Sea water systems are prone to build-ups formation of and biofilm creation from microorganisms, resulting in reduced water flow through the system and decreased cooling performance. Our advanced descaling technique, which was developed based on our previous experience in descaling processes, incorporates the use of descaling solutions and corrosion inhibitors to the mechanical procedure. Thus, our expert team is able to provide superior cleaning results to propulsion, auxiliary and A/C water cooling systems, allowing your pipework to remain fully operational. 

Vacuum Sewage System Cleaning

EPE offers cleaning services of vacuum sewage systems, operated by trained experts in yacht waste pipe cleaning. We can assure you the effective removal of waste build-ups by implementing vacuum operation, combined with closed loop recirculation of environmentally friendly chemical or biological solutions. Further to the guaranteed efficient cleaning of sewage pipes, our tailored vacuum technique enables us to eliminate the risk of leaks and spillages and avoid pipework dismantling.