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Sewage Treatment

Total water management on-board Superyachts. Sewage treatment with minimal efforts.

Superyacht Sewage Treatment


Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Certified

TRITON FIT is a physiochemical sewage treatment plant that fully complies with the requirements of IMO/MEPC.227(64). The accessibility from one side allows ship designers to plan space in the engine room on a whole new level. Both its very compact size and extended treatment capacities make TRITON FIT ideal for modern Superyachts that accommodate up to 30 people on board.

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Electrochemical Sewage Treatment Plant


TRITON EC is a purely electrochemical wastewater treatment plant. It is a completely chemical-free system meeting the requirements of IMO/MEPC. 227(64). TRITON EC is designed for waste water treatment on board merchant ships, Navy vessels, yachts, ferries, small cruisers, offshore platforms and other marine type applications.

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Biological Sewage Treatment

CleanSewage-BIO is a compact, type approved marine Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). With an incorporated Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR), the CS-BIO requires minimal processvolume, still meeting the IMO MEPC.227(64) discharge criteria. The accessibility from one side allows ship designers to plan space in the engine room on a whole new level.

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Bilge Water Treatment

Total water management on-board Superyachts. Complying with your challenges fulfilling the 5 ppm standard.

Bilge Oil Water Separator

POSEIDON FIT Bilge Oil Water Separator consists of two stages; the coalescer and the emulsion breaking unit. The coalescer works on a continuous mode, by passing the second stage, and only when the oil detection monitor detects at the effluent of the coalescer oil content higher than 4ppm, then the emulsion breaking unit begins its operation.

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Oily Water Separators


More than 16000 ships have already been equipped with RWO’s oily water separators since RWO started its business in 1975. The OWS-COM system uses a combination of highly effective open porous coalescer with automatic backflushing, together with a second stage emulsion breaking oil and hydrocarbon polisher.

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Emulsion Splitting and Filtration Unit


SFU, is able to pre-treat difficult bilge waters and meet individual requirements. It uses a fully automatic three stage process, consisting of the addition of a special splitting agent, slow oil separation from the water and a filtration unit to remove all particles. The system even allows operators to switch off the oily water separator and use the SFU system as a standalone filtration unit.

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Advanced Bilge Water Monitoring


The combination of the Clean Bilge Monitor CBM with the advanced data analysis and reporting unit LINK offers more reporting and visualization features than the simpler HMI of the CBM+.

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Bilge Water Monitoring System


The Clean Bilge Monitoring system CBM+ is designed to monitor and control liquid discharges overboard your vessel in respect of its oil content. The system prevents the discharge of non-compliant oily water mixtures by automatically recirculating the liquid to the bilge water tank if the oil content is above a predetermined limit.

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Ballast Water Treatment

Effective ballast water treatment solutions ensure safe and compliant discharge from vessels, aiding in the prevention of invasive species transportation. Our goal is to mitigate the ecological impact by promoting responsible and sustainable ballast water management practices on ships.

Ballast Water Treatment

Best Solution for Superyachts

ERMA FIRST oneTANK BWTS was developed to provide the simplest possible solution to treat one or a few ballast water tanks. Tankship aftpeak tanks, superyachts and workboats with space and power limitations are ideal applications.

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Simple and Flexible

ERMA FIRST FIT BTWS incorporates the most reliable and efficient filtration followed by a state-of-the-art disinfection stage. Filtration takes place in either 40 microns automatic backwashing filters. The disinfection stage takes place in our own-design, highly customised electrodes, providing the appropriate amount of disinfectant agent by using minimum power and ensuring compliance. 

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Fresh Water Treatment

Efficient fresh water treatment systems that deliver high quality drinking water on board. Our aim is to eliminate the use of plastic water containers on yachts

Reverse Osmosis Desalination


ALIOS is a reverse osmosis system, able to produce reliable fresh water from the desalination of sea water. ALIOS is designed for all sizes of modern Superyachts, while maintaining a very compact size, making it ideal for both retrofits and newbuilds. It is manufactured with top quality materials that ensure maximum efficiency through its life, while the automated backflushing with fresh water prolongs the life of the membranes makes certain that the produced fresh water will be rid of unwanted substances.

Integrated Treatment System

Hydrasil Ag+

Taking advantage of Hydrasil, a hydrogen peroxide solution that is also silver stabilized, this dosing system is the perfect sterilizer for smaller yachts. Its microprocessor-controlled pump and pulse emitting flow meter ensure optimum chemical dosage, and it is designed to fit even in the tightest spaces.

Water Softener

Octo Compact

The Octo Compact is a fully volumetric softener, turning “hard” water into “soft”, by lowering the levels of calcium and magnesium. Easily adjustable based on water hardness, simple to use and easy to install, Octo Compact is the biggest selling water softener in the marine industry.

Marine Silver/Copper Sterilizer


Bifipro utilizes a silver and copper ionization method, eliminating bacteria and biofilms from Superyachts’ entire Freshwater System. It is MLC compliant and can be designed to treat any volumes of freshwater, thus making it ideal for yachts with a length of more than 40 meters.

Drinking Water Treatment System


The Slimline 5 Stage Drinking Water System is designed to produce high quality drinking water by the means of filtration, mineralization, and sterilization, able to completely replace bottled water, thus building autonomy on potable water. Its very small footprint (W380mm X D80mm X H350mm) and its easy installation make the Slimline the best option for treating water on the spot.

Sparkling and Ambient Drinking Water

M70 Soda

Designed to fit neatly under the counter, the M70 Soda offers unlimited Chilled and Sparkling water on the tap, eradicating the need for plastic bottles. Utilizing an ice bank, it provides cold and cold sparkling water through an ergonomically designed electronic faucet. With its small footprint (W280mm X D453mm X H420) and stainless-steel materials, M70 Soda is the ideal solution for Superyachts.  

Freshwater Testing
Testing Instruments

EPE Yachting offers a wide range of freshwater testing equipment, able to perform either simple weekly checks for quality, or more advanced bacterial testing.

Exhaust Gas Emission Filters

Our systems offer reliable reduction of harmful exhaust gas emissions for yacht diesel generators under all circumstances

Black Smoke & Odor Eliminator

Our HERMES Soot Elimination System is ideal when yachts are in anchorage. At last, your guests may enjoy the sea and the sun without worrying about those harmful emissions. HERMES reduces harmful air emissions from diesel generator gases by eliminating Black Smoke (BS) and harmful Particulate Matter (PM).

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