The oneTank ‘How it Works’ video is posted here! In just two minutes, learn about tank mixing, the small equipment size, and the simple installation. oneTank is ballast water treatment simplified. Get your instant quote today!

Video provides an overview of oneTank’s treatment process and simplified installation.

We designed oneTank for the tanker aftpeak tank by keeping it super simple and small. As a result, it is perfect for workboats, fishing vessels, yachts, semi-submersibles, and any application that only needs to treat a handful of ballast water tanks. It uses low-cost bulk chemicals to avoid using complex UV parts and expensive EC parts that generate explosive hydrogen gas. Accordingly, oneTank is not only simple to install but also simple to operate and maintain.

The in-tank treatment process avoids the use of filters that can clog and are difficult to maintain. Importantly, this process ensures treatment in all salinities and even the most severe water qualities. By treating after uptake, the vessel crew avoids performing ballast water treatment during busy in-port cargo operations. Likewise, the crew can use their standard uptake and discharge methods such as gravity ballasting and tank stripping. Here are the steps:

  • Take up ballast water following normal procedures
  • Select tanks for treatment
    • oneTank treats the tanks automatically
  • Select tanks for neutralization
    • oneTank neutralizes the tanks automatically
  • Discharge ballast water following normal procedures

oneTank has both US Coast Guard type approval and meets the IMO BWMS Code. Get your instant quote today!