At Booth DS11 – DARSE SUD, we proudly exhibited the innovative TRITON FIT, a compact sewage treatment system, exemplifying a definitive solution for superyachts!

The enthusiasm and interest exhibited by all who visited us were genuinely invigorating. The momentum carried through, sparking insightful discussions around sustainable yachting solutions with the vibrant epe | YACHTING team.

We extend our gratitude for the engaging interactions with epe | YACHTING Director Dimitris Avdelopoulos and Superyacht Sales Engineer Dimitris Delagrammatikas. For further inquiries or follow-ups, feel free to reach out at

Your readiness for insightful conversations and shared aspirations for a sustainable yachting future was heartwarming. Whether it was a scheduled meeting or a spontaneous chat over drinks, every interaction was valued and appreciated!

The collaboration and insights shared have steered us closer towards a more sustainable yachting horizon.

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