History of EPE Yachting

EPE Yachting counts over 40 years in the Marine & Industrial sector investing in research, development and implementation of new technologies. EPE Yachting has developed innovative machinery for water treatment & services for the Superyacht sector. Motivated by the maritime needs and dedicated to the environmental rules, EPE Yachting provides worldwide solutions for the Maritime sector.

EPE Yachting provides a wide range of premium quality professional services for yachts and super yachts. We have developed methods and equipment that enables us to offer a wide spectrum of pipeline network cleaning and maintenance solutions, operated by experts with many years of experience in cleaning services and maintenance service provision, as well as, in yachts systems. Our goal is to guarantee excellent results and ensure the optimal performance of your equipment. 

Group of Companies

Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. (EPE) was established in Piraeus in 1977, and offers a complete range of environmental protections services and products, including emergency response services for oil and chemical spills. EPE has successfully responded to more than two thousand pollution incidents on the last four decades with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained and experienced personnel.

“Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.”

Jochen Zeitz

For more than 40 years the RWO experts develop, design, manufacture and service high-quality technologies for water treatment onboard ships and offshore installations, both for new installations or retrofitting. The product portfolio includes the treatment of drinking and process water as well as pollution prevention equipment such as oily waters, ballast, wastewater as well as a comprehensive range of after sales services. RWO is the worldwide market leader in the treatment of marine oily water separation. The main offices are located in Bremen, Germany.

RWO’s international network of more than 40 qualified sales/service stations ensures short communication links between customer and manufacturer, making us the ideal partner for companies in the maritime sector. Contact us today to find out more about the way we work.

“The key to understanding the future is one word: Sustainability”

Patrick Dixon

oneTANK was developed to provide a ballast water treatment system for mariners: a simple, reliable, economical solution for meeting the global and US commercial shipping regulations for the prevention of invasive species.

oneTANK is type approved by the US Coast Guard and Norway in accordance with the rigorous standards of the US Code of Federal Regulations and the IMO revised Ballast Water Management Code. These approvals ensure compliance with regulations worldwide, including the United States.

“Blue is the new Green.”

ERMA FIRST has been developing cutting-edge BWTS solutions and has set the standard for effective ballast water treatment with superior operational readiness, build quality and ease of use. In addition, ERMA FIRST is an experienced manufacturer of pioneering sustainable marine equipment solutions.

Now, ERMA FIRST is one of the top makers worldwide in quality & sales with a significant number of contracted and installed systems. Long-term co-operation and commitment to customers/operators are proven by large fleet agreements signed up with prestigious shipping companies.